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How to use diamond saw blades correctly?

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1. Pre-turning time: After replacing the saw blade with a new one, a pre-turn of 2-5 minutes is required before use to allow the saw table to enter working condition before cutting.

2. Before cutting, you must check whether the use of the saw blade is consistent with the material to be cut. The use of diamond saw blades is divided into a total of 6 categories, namely granite saw blades, marble saw blades, quartz stone saw blades, microcrystalline stone saw blades, artificial stone saw blades and the current rock plate saw blades. Before purchasing should be clear cutting material material, hardness, abrasiveness, etc., the best cutting object test report, so more convenient Lin Xing staff for your quotation, and for a variety of stone cutting situation to match the appropriate saw blade products. Of course, if the customer has specific cutting requirements, you can also put forward.

3. cutting material, must gently will be normal operation of the saw blade cut into the material, prohibit the force of strong pressure hard push. The feed speed of a diamond saw blade with a new replacement head should be controlled at around 30%-40% of the actual feed speed.

4. prohibit sudden reversal, reversal will lead to lost teeth, the occurrence of danger.

5. Hear abnormal sound, see abnormal shaking and uneven cutting surface during use. Please stop work immediately, find the cause of the abnormality and replace the saw blade.

6. When cutting, do not stop the saw blade suddenly in the middle of the object to be cut. Stopping in the middle of the cut material will cause the saw teeth to fall off and the saw blade to be deformed.

7、After cutting, please wipe the anti-rust oil in time. To prevent the saw blade from rusting.

8. If the teeth of the saw are not sharp, you must take them to a manufacturer's grinding shop or a shop with grinding technology. Otherwise the original angle of the saw teeth will be damaged, affecting the cutting accuracy and shortening the service life of the saw blade.

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