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How to extend the life of diamond saw blades?

Time : 2023-02-23 Hits : 104

1. Control the saw blade feed speed

When starting an automatic aluminium cutting machine for the first time, some novices often overlook the blade feed speed control. Saw blade speed is a very easy area to ignore, but experienced operators will adjust the blade speed according to the object to be cut after starting the automatic aluminium cutting machine. Not only does this effectively control the speed of the knife to ensure a sawing effect, it also makes the saw blade at work and prevents unnecessary wear. Therefore, after starting the aluminium cutting machine, the feed speed should be properly controlled.

2. Preparing for lubrication

Saw blade wear cannot be prevented, but you can take some steps to reduce saw blade wear on the job site. In the past, due to the lag in technology, some companies used paraffin to lubricate saw blades. As technology has advanced, coolants have been developed for saw blades. The use of coolants has a qualitative effect on reducing wear during sawing and on sawing efficiency.

3. Saw blade resharpening

If the wear and tear of diamond blades does not guarantee the cutting effect, many enterprises decide to give up the option of buying new blades directly, and ignore the resharpening of blades, because diamond blades can be repaired 8-10 times by resharpening, saving a lot of costs for enterprises. Blade resharpening has the positive effect of extending the life of the blade and reducing the purchase cost of the enterprise. Therefore, do not discard diamond saw blades just because they are worn out. If resharpened, they can be reused.

4. Control the speed of the saw blade

The saw blade and the raw material will produce enormous friction, and the speed of the blade high and low will affect the size of the friction between the blade and the raw material. Therefore, based on the different sawing materials, we have seen that the saw blade uses diamond, more diamond to control the speed of the saw blade tooth. In general, the diamond blade on the saw body is marked as being able to withstand its own high speed. In the actual machining connection, carefully observe the data parameters of the saw body to select the appropriate saw speed to extend the life of the diamond blade, which will have a profound effect.

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